Retrospect Motorworks 1st Annual Car Meet


Hi everyone! We're excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first meet here at Retrospect Motorworks. All of us here have been itching to do this, and so we're all super excited for this and looking forward to meet new faces!

Our event will be held on November 14th at our location from 2PM to 6PM. All makes and models are welcome! Invite your car friends and family, spread the word.

I've drawn up a map on where everyone can park. We would like everyone to park on the yellow lines and orange lines, so that traffic can flow through in the middle. The arrows marked in red are entrances to preferably take for your lowered car.

Please be mindful that the train tracks run parallel to our location. Please park at least 12 feet away from the train tracks. Check the pinned post below for the map on where to park.

For lowered cars, I recommend taking the 59 exit heading to our event and not the 610 exit, as then you would avoid driving over the railroad tracks.

Along with all that we are announcing our merch! We will be selling Retrospect Motorworks T-Shirts with frockets and giving away Retrospect Motorworks lanyards for free! You can check out or merch here.

RULES: 1.) Please keep it civil, we want this to be a good and enjoyable time for everyone!

That's about it for rules. Looking forward to seeing you all here! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message.


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